What’s the Best Keyword Density…i.e. How many times should I use a keyword in my post?

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It depends. If anyone tells you a straight up answer, I believe they’re mistaken!

You have to check the data. Why guess…

  1. Google the term.
  2. Pick some sites ranking in the top 10, hopefully, some that are niche or affiliate sites too. 3 to 5 sites should give you a good idea of what density Google likes.
  3. Check the keyword density using a tool like SEO Quake which is free. See my video on using SEO Quake.
  4. Average the density of the keyword phrase.
  5. Aim for the average and don’t worry about being exact.

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The point is some keywords can be used more often.

The Yoast SEO Plugin tells me to use a keyword X% of the time. What should I do?

You shouldn’t listen to the Yoast SEO.

Yoast sucks for keyword density. It’ll lead to keyword stuffing and your site won’t rank well!

It’s a tool made for basic SEO ideas, and if you’re reading this now (and I know you are!) or using the Keyword Golden Ratio method, then you’re doing advanced KW research. Yoast wasn’t really made for you — not anymore — congratulations! You are an advanced SEO now.

My advice is to totally ignore Yoast for keyword density – use it for some of the advanced features (like noindexing category archives or editing the htaccess file).

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