Do you use in any other affiliate programs (aside from Amazon)?

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there. If you can buy something online, there’s probably an affiliate program out there for it.

I occasionally use other affiliate programs besides Amazon if there is a good reason to do so. For example…

  1. If the product is not available on Amazon.
  2. If there is a related information product. (Usually, info products are not available on Amazon…)
  3. The company has a really good affiliate program with better commissions.

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Generally, I just stick with Amazon since it converts so well so even if the commission rates are lower, people are more likely to buy more stuff from Amazon. At the end of the day, Amazon will usually (but not always) be more profitable than another program that has higher commission rates.

I have a couple niches that have really good Clickbank products that aren’t available on Amazon. So I have a few posts that promote those products. A lot of times you can earn 30% to 50% and higher with Clickbank products. The margins are really high for info products so the vendors can afford to pay high commissions.

So check Clickbank and Shareasale to see what’s available for your niche. Test out the programs to see how they work for you.

One common mistake is to add some other affiliate offer when your traffic is low then expect for the new offer to fix the problem.

The real problem is a tiny amount of traffic and more offers won’t help that. If you have the traffic, then you should be able to make the sales (assuming you have the right kind of traffic, would-be buyers).

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