Amazon Associate Earnings Report looks wrong or hasn’t been updated — what gives?

I have a slightly unhealthy habit of checking the Amazon Earnings Report each morning. I’m getting better about it.

Usually, the numbers are updated by around 6 AM MT and I can see the newly shipped items, plus the orders for the previous day. It is very exciting.

One morning, I checked and expected to see a grand total for the month over $10,500 at least.  However, I was shocked to see a much lower earnings total!

Why Did This Happen?

Disclaimer: I can only speculate what is going on. I really do think this is a reporting issue.  I have seen a few irregular reports before but nothing of this magnitude.

They usually occur in the morning of the US and the issues are gone by the afternoon.  I also know that most major companies update software in the middle of the night on weekends to reduce the impact on customers and users.

It is likely, or at least possible, that Amazon had some backend system(s) update overnight and there are issues.  Those are my best guesses.

What Am I Going To Do?

Nothing. I’ll just wait and check tomorrow. Amazon has really smart engineers so I’m assuming they’ll figure it out.

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  • pathan rehman

    hi sir,
    I sent an amazon affiliate link of mi mobile to my friend and he buys in front of my eyes and within two days the order was shipped and within three days the product was delivered but there is no update about the product of ordered or shipped what may be the problem.


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