Starting From Scratch: After 4 Months, More Profit, More Traffic

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This is another case study update. If you haven’t followed along, you have some catching up to do – here (all the posts are listed). (See examples of Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites here & get 15,000 keywords there, too.)

The site is about 4 months old and it’s making a respectable amount of revenue for such a new site. Now, Jim’s goal is $2,000 per month from Amazon Affiliate commissions…

He still has a ways to go to hit that goal, but he’s on the right track. He’s totally avoiding the mistakes that most niche site owners make. And he shows up everyday and works on his site.

Doug from Niche Site Project

I was really happy and surprised about the success of that site.

It reminds me of MY VERY FIRST Amazon Affiliate site. 

It reminds me of how I was working on my site and I was obsessed.

  • I was reading all the blog posts on Niche Pursuits.
  • I was reading all the blog posts on Smart Passive Income.
  • I was listening to all the podcasts on niche sites.
  • I was studying SEO, link building, and trying to learn about private blog networks.
  • I was writing and writing and writing some more. Thousands and thousands of words.
  • My wife was tired of hearing me talk about SEO, niche sites, and keywords. (To be fair, I wouldn’t shut up about it!)

Why am I reminiscing about my first Amazon Affiliate site? 

It’s the eve of the anniversary of buying the domain for that site! 

The site made $10,791 from July 14 – December 31. The site made $6,287 in December alone. That was back in 2013, but this process still works.

Look at:

  • Jim, who started his site in late February. He’s been making $67.25 per month on average. (The key to the early revenue is doing the right stuff at the right time and following a Step-by-Step process. He’s Not wasting time on things that don’t matter.)
  • Josh, a college student, that sold an Amazon site for $35,000.
  • Dave, a musician and music teacher, that is making $3,000 after years of struggling with niche sites. (He made $3,000 in June.)
  • Rob, a digital nomad, making $15,000 per MONTH.

If you have been thinking about starting a site, NOW is the time. If you get a site started this month, there is a strong chance that you’ll be able to rank in time for the retail season.

It won’t be easy, but if you are willing to put in the work, then you can be in the game. If you wait, then you’ll be behind and you won’t be able to rank in time.

The funny thing is that when I started my site, my goal was to make $300 per month. That was all I was shooting for. But with determination, a focus on systems, and hard work, I cranked out a site that made $6,287 in one month.

I said this the other day and I’ll repeat it since it’s important.  I know it’s something people think about because I get emails that say:

“How can I do that?”

Let’s talk about how you can do it. Jim can ask me questions about anything he’s having trouble with.

If he gets hung up or confused about the Amazon Terms of Service or has an issue with starting a guest posting campaign, he can send me an email or chat with me. He’s hacking the process by avoiding a HUGE number of mistakes. One on one coaching and learning from a mentor is how to make EXPONENTIAL gains in any discipline.

If you can learn from other people’s mistakes, you’re going to learn faster.

  • You’re going to find SUCCESS faster.
  • You’re going to find your NICHE and keywords faster.
  • You’re going to pick a niche that is ACTUALLY PROFITABLE.
  • You’re going to get TRAFFIC faster.
  • You’re going to MAKE A PROFIT faster.

I’ve rambled on long enough. If you want to take action and have a niche site that actually makes money every month (whether you’re working on it or not), then consider using the proven system in Five Figure Niche Site.

Here is Jim…

The hard work is starting to pay off!  Audience_Overview_-_Analytics

I’m not a millionaire… yet, but things are looking better and better with the site.  Traffic is going up consistently and I’m getting more clicks through to Amazon every day.  

June was good to me overall, I found myself in the SZ once but bootstrapped out (after a couple days), did a little redesign, and did more of the standard practices we all know so well by now.

Some Small Wins (That Add Up)

There have been a couple nice victories for me this past month.  First, I’ve got a lot more keywords ranking inside the top 10 and even more in the top 30 and second, the site received a nice bump up in terms of DA.  It’s now sitting at 19 and I think since I’ve got a few more guest posts published we should see that go up even further.

Amazon Affiliate Commissions

My affiliate sales have gone up nicely too.  Still not where they need to be but it’s a healthy trend over May.  

Amazon_com_Associates_Central_-_Home_and_ReportsBeing that this was my first site there were some things that I hadn’t considered when first going in, namely that my site is somewhat seasonal and I’m see that pay off now that we’re well into the summer months.  

I won’t spoil too much for the next month recap for July but my affiliate sales have already surpassed all of June’s… fingers crossed.

Here are the traffic stats out of WordPress Jetpack.

Here are the traffic stats out of WordPress Jetpack. You can see growth!

Another thing that I’ve worked on is hiring writers.  I’ve literally written 10’s of thousands of words and now just want to see what I can get out of just editing and creating value on the site by using an outside workforce.  

Reinvesting Revenue to Spur Growth

Since the site is bringing some cash I made the decision to reinvest that money directly to site by hiring some freelancers.  Doug and I made a video about the process of hiring freelancers and the steps he showed me where a big game changer.

Since the inception of the site in late February it’s nice to look back at the growth overall.  Since it’s my first site it’s still my baby and I check the stats often (Serp Lab like everyday).  Here’s a few shots of all-time stats.

Traffic Growth

Audience_Overview_-_Analytics (ALL TIME)

Here is where all the traffic is coming from:


You can see that there is some social traffic. Notice that the social traffic is staying on the page for over 5 minutes. Here are the Pinterest Stats:


So, after things have calmed down a bit for my initial site I’ve made the decision to start another niche website.  This has really where the bulk of my time has gone in June.  My decision came after seeing that I had an opportunity since the work load was slowing for my first.

After thinking that I wanted to make another site it was on to the nuts and bolts of everything that we know goes into it.  I found a great niche that will help support my first site by insulating me from the seasonality of it.  

The biggest thing in my preliminary research for a new market was that I was a seasoned keyword researcher. I knew what I wanted to see in terms of search volume and something I like to call “market diversification”.  Market diversification is really just a broad spread of keywords in a lot of different areas relating to the umbrella niche.

I’ve got a guest post up on a 36 DA site and several more in the works and have linked out from my first site too. This time I’ve hired a few writers to start generating content. With them writing I should have just as much content on my new site as my first by the end of July.  

Here are some stats from Ahrefs:

Overview_Ahrefs Overview_Ahrefs1

And, you can see the anchor text ratio from the Majestic Report:


Hopefully with the next few cycles on Google we’ll start to see some good results.  

Thanks to using Doug’s Keyword Golden Ratio I’ve got keyword phrases that have debuted in the low 20’s and I know with more time I’ll see some major improvements with them.


Check out the proven system in Five Figure Niche Site. You’ll be able to enroll for a short time – The sale begins July 14 to mark the anniversary of my first Amazon Affiliate Site. (That’s tomorrow! Well, only if you’re reading this on the 13th.) 

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Another great post! It’s exciting to see all your hard work pay off. Since you have access to all those monthly cost tools like ahrefs, moz etc do you account for that in your budget? What is your advice to someone who doesn’t have access to those tools? Are they imperative to making a successful niche site?

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