Starting From Scratch: More Sales and Social Media Referral Traffic [Case Study]

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This is the April update for the niche site case study. If you’re just joining the story, you can get some background here.

Essentially, I’m coaching Jim to create a brand new site from scratch with the goal if hitting $2,000 per month. (See examples of Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites here & get 15,000 keywords there, too.)

In this update we see:

  • How the Content Traffic Profit Sprint actually produces results
  • Continued profits from Amazon Sales
  • Improved authority from Guest Posting
  • More Keywords in the top 10
  • Social Media Traffic

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Take it away, Jim…

Well April was a pretty wild month, I saw good things and bad things with the site but I can proudly say that I finally converted on a big ticket item that I featured.

I definitely ran the gambit of emotions in April in regards to the site and to my life based on my career choice.

It looks like the sun is going to be coming out on a more regular basis now too, so all things considered I’m doing just fine.

CONTENT 400Content Traffic Profit Sprint

Mainly what I’ve been focused on as of late has been the Content Traffic Profit Sprint Technique that Doug showed me in early April.

Basically, write an article, do some outreach, write a guest post, then back to writing for my site again. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

The important part is the profit, of course. Here are the Amazon earnings.


This has been good for me overall because after generating 20+ posts I was just getting burnt out on writing in general so to turn my attention towards another pursuit that was good for the site was good for me.

The guest posts have boosted the authority of the site as you can see in the Ahrefs reports.

ahrefs-overall-stats-niche-site-case-study-jim-13 ahrefs-stats-niche-site-case-study-jim-3

Doug’s Note: The other great thing with guest posting is that you can control your anchor text profile. That used to be something that you could only do with a PBN. Here are the stats from Majestic.

majestic stats-niche-site-case-study-jim-11 And here is the anchor text pie chart from Majestic.majestic-anchor-text-niche-site-case-study-jim-2

Finally, here are the SEM Rush stats. (Get a free SEM Rush trial here)

SEM Rush-stats-niche-site-case-study-jim-8

Traffic Stats

Traffic has been looking good and the outreach I’ve been doing is paying off. It’s funny how emotionally tied you become to this sort of thing but it has a huge effect on me. Seeing traffic increase after doing some work always feels good.

traffic-google-analytics-niche-site-case-study-jim-4 traffic-jetpack-stats-niche-site-case-study-jim-10

Promotion and Guest Posting

Guest posting has gone well. Remember when I talked about my 6 GP’s in 6 weeks? Well, now I’ve gotten 8 GP’s posted and another 6 more in the works and I only sent 1 additional guest post inquiry out.

Fast math time, that’s a 36.8% success rate. This white hat, grind it out approach sure seems like it’s working to me. I’ve even gotten some requests for additional GP’s on site that I’ve already written for. (Doug’s Note: If you’re interested in a guest posting service, you can check out mine…)

YouTube Marketing

Another thing that happened last month was that I created my first ever Youtube video. It’s very simple but has seen some views, not many, but still. Doug and I sat down and he laid it pretty simply for me.

Youtube is a Google company and so favors it over other search results. When you create a video you can place a link in the description and I did one that pointed to the page on my site that the video was presenting on.

Pretty new for me but it seems like a good way forward, find some of my long tail keywords that are performing well and make some Youtube content for them.

Breaking Into the Top 10

One of the best things that happened last month was that 1 of my keywords finally cracked the top 10 on Google.


It doesn’t have a ton of LMS but just that fact that I’ve got a dog in the fight, so to speak, was a real morale booster. However fickle morale may be, the dreaded SZ lurks.

Technical Issues With WordPress

I ran into some technical difficulties with the site that ate a good chuck of time. Long story short, I ended up having to download my theme files again and reinstall then go in and replace all the customization that I had done. Web maintenance is another thing that seems to go unaddressed in this whole world. At the end of the day you’re running all aspects of your business.

Helpful Hint: Create child themes if you’re going to use the Editor

Non Affiliate Content

So now that I’ve got a good chunk of affiliate linkage I’ve started to switch gears a bit and just go after some good content for site in general.

I thought up an article, did a little KW research because, well I’m addicted to it, and just set about writing the piece.

The LMS, KGR or KC really wasn’t the determining factor, I wanted to write it I just needed to know how others wanted to find it. Once that was nailed down I just cranked it out.

It’s articles like this that give me hope for the passivity that I’m seeking. Write one or two articles a week that provide good value, draw people in and presto, I’ve got a successful niche blog.

The article I’m talking about I wrote just this morning and as soon as it got posted on the site and on social media I had a like from a person with a strong following, who’s a professional in my niche and that I haven’t had any interaction with yet.

Yet… I followed her, liked a couple tweets, just basic stuff but I think this kind of quick response is crucial. I’m fresh in her mind and she likes my content so a fast-act approach is what I need.

Social Media and Referral Traffic

April has seen me focusing a lot more on the social media side of things as well. I really underestimated the power of these outlets for niche sites. I’m not really the biggest social media guy but the response when I do engage it is really profound.

Take a look at this. This is my Twitter analytics and you can see that when I’m tweeting (the grey bar) the impressions that I’m getting are huge (the blue bar).


Here are the Pinterest stats.


Social media management is something that has to make it’s way into a better part of my day. I think that once this all planes out a bit I’ll have to come up with a menu of sorts for daily management for each site that I’ve got.

Tweet this, Pin that, FB post now and about this… I’m digital, I just need to start behaving like it and believing it.

Doug’s Note: The social media work paid off. Here is the referral traffic from social media channels.


Oh yeah, you wanna know about the doubt and why I need to believe in myself? Check out my SZ post.


Thanks, Derek Halpern of Image used with permission.

Well that pretty much brings us up to the present. I’d really like to see some more KW’s jump into the top 10 range and I’m going to keep tracking down new methods with Doug to help some of those long tails jump up a bit too. For now though it’s all about the Content Sprint and just trying to make the site the best that it can be. Thanks for following this and my journey, the comments are a good way to find some community and not feel like I’m on a niche site island all by myself!

Go forth and create!

See all the posts in the series – here.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • I also started my website recently and am doing a similar type of thing. My goal is only about $1000 to pay cover my expenses starting up and then to buy a drum kit. If you work hard you can make it there. So far when I look at my stats mostly I see increases in the number of search engine impressions I am getting as I write more content for my website. Which is really good from my perspective. All I have to do is keep it up.

  • I think the early numbers are very promising. $62 for around 350 visitors? Either that’s a lucky fluke, or you got on your hands a very high converting website at around $200 cpm. Let’s see how the future looks like.

  • I’ve just read through all of these posts! Keep going- I really want to see you achieve success 🙂 Does your niche site domain make it out of the google sandbox yet? Or did you buy an expired one?