When to Scale Your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Business

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This post is part of the series following along with one person’s quest for ,000 per month in Amazon Affiliate income. If you haven’t read the other posts, you can see them here. (See examples of Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites here & get 15,000 keywords there, too.)

As a quick recap my friend Jim built a site from scratch back in February and I have been coaching him. I have been taking him through all the content in Five Figure Niche Site* in case you’re interested in creating a site of your own. The stuff in the course works and that’s how Jim has been able to generate revenue very FAST (like $93.09 in the first month).

During some of the one-on-one coaching, Jim and I figured out that he should start a new site based on the fact that his first site has some seasonality associated with it.

That’s a little different than my normal recommendation…

In Unit 7 of Five Figure Niche Site*, I talk about Scaling Up and most of the time I prefer expanding on an existing site over starting a new site. But sometimes it’s not the right move. Creating new sites and building a portfolio can be massively profitable, and you can see Rob Atkinson as an example.

*Five Figure Niche Site will be relaunching again soon. Keep an eye out for it! Sign up for the waitlist here.

Edit: I sketched out what my org chart looks like, which some people may find very helpful in scaling. When you’re a manager, you want to keep the number of people you interact with at a minimum. You generally only talk to the managers…


Take it away, Jim…

Jim mountainOver the last month as things have planned out with my original site I started exploring other niches to get a better feeling of certain keywords and if they were viable for me to be competitive in.

As I’ve gotten more and more comfortable in website development and niche selection, one thing has become abundantly clear: keyword research is extremely important.

Before you buy a domain, before you worry about design, before you start writing, before anything else you have to do a very scrutinizing scan to see if you can get a foothold in the niche you’re interested in.

If so, well then you can worry about what’s next.

Niche selection and keyword research have been my focus over the last couple of weeks and I’m happy to announced that I’ve launched another site.

It also became very clear that if I’m going to reach my goal of replacing my income (and hopefully more) I’ll need a portfolio of sites to:

  • Generate enough income
  • Hedge my other sites to shield myself from potential downturns due to seasonality or buyer preference

There are a couple different ways that I’m currently using to identify niches. There are undoubtably many different ways to successfully identify good markets but these are good kind of blanket statements that allow you start digging deeper.

  1. Is there market ignorance?
  2. Is there market diversification?

Market Ignorance

Market ignorance is simply the question of whether people are uninformed about a certain product and by default will be searching for answers.

Market Diversification

Market diversification is whether there are a lot of options inside a market to give you a multitude of different options for keywords. I like building sites that give me a broad range of keywords that don’t box me into a very narrow niche.

www.bestboxershortsforbaristaswithlonglegs.com, not for me, that’s an idea for a keyword not for a site.


Keywords are such a big deal to me that I’m constantly searching and refining methodologies of research and finding footholds. The ways we all know of are great for finding, what I call, topical keywords, they’re right on the surface staring you in the face. This is a great way to start but if they’re easily found by you, they’re going to be easily found by everyone else too. The money is in the deep dive.

(Doug’s Note: It turns out that Jim is really great at keyword research, especially when it comes to the Keyword Golden Ratio. He can generate a list of keywords that will get traffic fast. I’ve been publishing a LOT of content lately for one of my niche sites and traffic has increased as a result. The best part is that the REVENUE has increased too, and it’s all a result of the keyword research. If you’re interested in getting a premium list of keywords as a service, let me know.)

Once you get efficient at searching for keywords you’ll be able to jump on and find really valuable search phrases that can net you a big gain. Once things start ticking along nicely, just send it to your writer, edit (for as short of a time as possible), post and go about your business.

Simple as that.

This really was the tipping point for me. I was startled to find really great keywords time and time again and I just couldn’t not take advantage of it… so, I started another site. Now with two sites a content development plan has become a bigger focus. I need to be managing two sites with content and social media and keyword research and growth and, well you get the picture.

Right now, my goal for site development is 3 – 4 new sites a year but I’ve learned not to live and die by timelines in this business. One site may take you longer than expected or other unintended consequences could come up meaning that I’ll have to be flexible and just go with the flow. One thing is for sure though, I’m going to keep cranking.

What About Passion

Another thing I think worth mentioning is something we’ve all heard a lot by now, you have to be interested in your site’s content or you’ll get burnt out. While I’ll agree this holds true to a certain degree I think it can be really limiting.

You know what I’m interested in?

Money, making this work, being successful.

I want to make this happen more than I want anything else. If I was only building sites that pertained to my interests I’d eventually run out of niches to take advantages of.

This next site is something that I have a slight interest in but it’s taught me a valuable lesson:

The most successful people in this game aren’t limiting themselves.

Why should I? I’m charging full steam with the intention of making myself an outrageous success. Another way to think about it is, if a master content marketer came across a really profitable niche would they pass it up because they didn’t know anything about? No, of course not, they’d dive in head first and learn everything they could about it and see if they could make it work.

And let me tell you, if they’re not, then I’m going to be making a lot of money because I won’t stop exploiting profit centers. If it’s available then I’m hitting it hard to see what it’s all about.

Aaaanndd, cue motivational rant…

Allow me to quote Albert Einstein:

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

Or Jay-Z and Yeezy:

Don’t let me get in my zone

I’m here to go hard. This isn’t a game, this isn’t a pastime, this isn’t a nice little distraction from whatever, this is everything I’ve wanted.

While this might sound brash you have to have a warrior mentality, if you don’t you will get run over.

You have to want it more than others want it, you have to live and breath success. You will have shitty days, but you would also have them in other environs too.

Just. Keep. Grinding.

Whew, I got all worked up there.

But in all seriousness, confidence is a huge part of this, believe in yourself and what you’re doing, don’t give up on your dreams, keep grinding and you’ll see things start to take shape.

That’s why I started a second site, because I want this to work and I’m starting to see the game slow down for me because I’m getting better at it.

Go forth and conquer.


Alright, it’s Doug again. That was intense! Jim did get all worked up. If you take a look at the first post in this series, you’ll see where things were back in February.

In just a few short months, his site has turned a profit and Jim knows all the steps to start a new Amazon Affiliate Niche Site. The keys are to:

  1. Focus on the things that matter, like:
    • keyword research
    • great content
    • link building
  2. Ignore other projects to allow you to focus on your real goal of building a long-term and valuable site.
  3. Starting only ONE site as you are learning.

These are all things that I talk about in Five Figure Niche Site. If you want to see where you might be after about 18 months of working on a niche site, look at Dave Fox who hit $3,000 in revenue from his Amazon sites in June. Here’s an interesting take on the Amazon Affiliate Program in India by Shashank Gupta.


About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Randy

    I’m terrible at keyword research and I know it…just like you mentioned that we’re all finding the same topical keywords. I have access to good, premium tools semrush and LTP but struggle with finding remotely good keywords in the golden ratio. For me I feel like there’s zero creativity lol, so branching out is where I fall short.

    • Hey Randy, thanks fro the comment. It’s been a long journey figuring out keyword research, and like many people say the Long Tail is where it’s at.

      The long tail has been helping my sites reach new traffic highs. The Keyword Golden Ratio has been helping me, but it’s not the only way. I know some people that just write what they think will be valuable and it works for them.

      Good Luck!

    • Hey Randy, try adding modifiers in your keywords eg with, for, under. For example best gaming laptop under $1000, best gaming laptop with long battery life and so forth.
      Then check on Google keyword planner for search volume and longtail pro for competition to see if the competition is less than 30. Also as Doug said check also for allintitle. eg allintitle:best gaming laptop with long battery life to see how many pages are competing for that keyword .
      Divide the number of competing pages with the search volume of that keyword as obtained from Google keyword tool to see if it is in a 0.22 ratio. The 0.22 ratio will ensure to rank in top 100 pages immediately upon publishing your post.
      Above all thank you Doug for great advice on how to scale up niche sites; working on it right now.

  • Thank you for your articles, I usually read from this site. The articles from this site always satisfy me.

  • Great update Jim. So glad to see the fire burning hotter than ever in you! It definitely takes a TON of hard work and I think that’s the biggest reason people fail in this biz.

    Something I’m wondering and I’m sure everybody else is … what are the revenue numbers for all months from February? Care to share?

    Keep it up Jim!

    • Hey Dave, That’s coming up in the monthly update post…later this week. 🙂

    • Jim

      Hey Dave! Thanks! There have been a lot of ups and downs but it’s super satisfying when things turn the corner.

  • shaun

    It’s smart to scale by launching new sites, but I am just wandering how much this site makes monthly as of now? Based on the previous reports, it hasn’t break the $100 mark yet.

    • Hey Shaun, I think you may be right so far. The monthly update for June is coming out later this week.

      When do you launch new sites? How many do you have going right now?

      • Shaun

        It will be really interesting to look at those numbers.

        As of now, I have about 5 sites of different sizes. I only launch a new site when I think that it’s pretty hard to grow the current ones. My recent sites though, I pick a broad enough topic so I am focusing more on growing one big authority site.

    • Jim

      Hey Shaun-
      You’re right, through June I hadn’t busted the $100 mark… July is already doing awesome though!

      • Shaun

        You are doing really great. I think that although the progress is a little slower, it reflects the real part of the business. When you are starting new and fresh, it’s not as simple as some marketers claim to be. Keep up the great work bro 🙂

  • Ankit

    Hy doug, My name is Ankit I am your regular reader of your blog. Your article help me a lot for my website traffic for my coding website.