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I have found great power in links from Wikipedia but you have to be persistent. My success rate to have a link stick is about 50%.

Please try this technique and let me know how it works.

Getting Powerful Wikipedia Links



Links from Wikipedia are powerful…

This is much more challenging but it is a free way to get powerful links from Wikipedia. At this point, you should have high quality content and some solid knowledge about your niche even if you were not familiar before you started the project.


Check out all the related pages on Wikipedia and look for gaps in content.  Create an account and wait a day. Try to edit an unrelated page, truly adding value and reference a real authority website or legitimate news site.

Link to Your Site

After that link sticks, try to make an edit to one relevant wikipedia article and link to your site as well as at least one other authority site.  The key is to try not to look suspicious so link to one of your pages that does NOT contain any affiliate links.  You really need to ensure that the page on your site is written in an authoritative or academic manner.

Your links and edits might be rejected and noted as spam.  But, you know, they might not and you’ll have a powerful link from Wikipedia.


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