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How to Make Your Organic Traffic Sky-Rocket

A Safer Way to Get Backlinks For Your Website

If you or your clients could benefit from getting more organic traffic, customers, or clients  (without paying for shady, spammy backlinks), then check out this Done-For-You Guest Posting opportunity.

The best time to build links was 10 years ago. The second best time is today.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a way for you to get strong and natural backlinks to your websites. The key is that this form of outreach is safe for Google rankings – it is considered White Hat Outreach – and guest posting is endorsed by the biggest names in SEO (like backlinko and quicksprout).

High Authority

The guest posts are on websites with a Domain Authority over 20. Higher Domain Authority sites are available too. (You can select a DA10+ package if that’s what you need.)

Highly Relevant

“Relevancy is the new Page Rank.” These guest post will appear on real blogs in a related & relevant niche with traffic. These are authentic guest posts.

In Context Links

These guest posts have contextual backlinks. That means the links are within the content of the article. These are far more valuable than “byline” links.

Fast to Implement

I use systems and standard operating procedures to contact the right kind of prospects for guest posting.

Turn-Key Solution

I handle the entire process. You need to provide the target keyword(s) and URL(s), then I handle the rest.

Get Backlinks Fast

When you are getting real, authentic guest posts, you can obtain backlinks safely at a fast link velocity.



I ordered a package of guest posts from Doug, and gave him a rough idea of the pages I wanted to rank.

Doug took it from there with minimal work on my end, and delivered several high-DA, natural-looking guest posts with diverse anchor text.

Can’t wait to see my rankings go up!

— Zack S. – Niche Site Owner (Sept 2018)


I’ve ordered guests posts from Doug several times and continue to be impressed by the quality of the sites he is able to get links on.

Before my most recent order, my site wasn’t even ranking on Google for the target keyword.

But after the recent round of posts, not only is my site ranking, but it’s slowly moving up the SERPS as the links kick in.

Definitely recommend this service!

— Pat W. – Niche Site Owner  (Jan 2019)

If I’m not taking on any new clients, you can sign up for the waitlist at the end of this page.

I can help you land awesome, high authority, and relevant guest posts.

This is a great solution if you have a site that needs some legitimate and authentic guest posts…especially if you don’t have the time to send 100+ targeted emails to cold prospects.

When you sign up, you get a copy of the email templates I use.

100% Secure. I will never sell your email address. I’ll send you a few informational and promo emails each week.

That way I can ensure the highest level of quality. I will notify you whenever I am able to take on more work.

Here is how it works…

  1. Let me know your keyword(s) and URL(s). Then, I can start the process.
  2. I will have guest posts accepted on blogs that are in your niche, closely related, or relevant. The posts will be published on high authority blogs.
  3. Once the campaign is complete, I will send you a report so you can see the posts. It takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete the campaign. The campaigns have been completed much faster but I’m budgeting

** To get started scroll down and click the any of the Get Started buttons which will take you to a Google form. Once I get your information, I’ll reach out to you directly. **

In one sentence: Doug’s Guest Posting service is legit.

The results are incredible. I would have needed about 10 PBNs to see the same movement. If you consider the cost to manage and riskiness of PBNs, Doug’s service is an absolute no-brainer.

When compared to PBN links, there is no risk. You will be getting natural links from a “real” website. Unlike PBNs, the site will not have a WHOIS history that shows a dropped domain, or links coming in that don’t match the content. It’s like PBN links on steroids and without the risk factor. There is no footprint!

I tried doing outreach for one of my niche sites and it takes a lot of time and energy. It’s not impossible, but handing over the keys to Doug made sense for me. His service is truly turn-key; you don’t have to do anything after you order!

— Rob Atkinson – Niche Site Owner

Results from Rob’s Campaign for 5 Guest Posts

4,400 Exact Monthly Searches – #152 to #23 in the SERPs

880 Exact Monthly Searches – #44 to #16 in the SERPs


  • This is a Full, Turnkey Solution – You just provide the keywords & URLs.
  • I handle all the outreach & correspondence with webmasters.
  • Domain Authority over 20 – Guaranteed.
  • Sites with REAL traffic as reported by SEMRush & Ahrefs.
  • Images are provided.
  • Backlinks will be within the content, i.e. editorial links that Google prefers.

You may see low prices for so-called Guest Posts…

…but if the prices seem too good to be true, then they probably are.

If you see prices that are about the price of “Private Blog Networks”, then you won’t be getting real guest posts on real blogs.

1 Guest Post – DA 30+


  • High Quality Article Written
  • 1 Keyword / 1 URL
  • Guest Post Requirements
  • 100% Real Site
  • DA 30+
  • 1 Guest Post

1 Guest Post – DA 40+

$400 – Most Popular

  • High Quality Article Written
  • 1 Keyword / 1 URL
  • Guest Post Requirements
  • 100% Real Site
  • DA 40+
  • 1 Guest Post

1 Guest Post – DA 50+


  • High Quality Article Written
  • 1 Keyword / 1 URL
  • Guest Post Requirements
  • 100% Real Site
  • DA 50+
  • 1 Guest Post

5 Guest Posts – DA20+ (10% Discount)


  • Up to 5 KWs / 1 URL
  • 100% Real Site
  • DA 20+
  • 5 Guest Posts

5 Guest Posts – DA30+ (10% Discount)


  • Up to 5 KWs / 1 URL
  • 100% Real Site
  • DA 30+
  • 5 Guest Posts

5 Guest Posts – DA40+ (10% Discount)

$1800 – Most Popular

  • Up to 5 KWs / 1 URL
  • 100% Real Site
  • DA 40+
  • 5 Guest Posts

5 Guest Posts – DA50+ (10% Discount)


  • Up to 5 KWs / 1 URL
  • 100% Real Site
  • DA 50+
  • 5 Guest Posts


What keywords can I use? Can I use exact match keywords?

I recommend using a partial match keyword phrase that’s a natural phrase that a person would use. It is more natural to see, read, and link using keyword-rich anchor text.

But ONLY if linking to a GREAT, value-driven piece of content. These sites are by bloggers or have editorial staff who will remove links if they are appear SEO driven.

The essential part is to have a highly diverse anchor text profile. That said, you should be conservative with exact match anchor text, like under 1% of your anchor text.

So, you will provide you target keyword, like “best USB microphone,” and I would have guest posts that have anchor text like this:

  • Learn more about USB microphones
  • Check out more info on top rated USB Mics
  • Want the best mic for USB? Read more…
  • And, many other long phrases.

Will I be able to review and approve the article?

No, you won’t have the opportunity to review the guest post ahead of time. I have done dozens of guest posts and interacted with 100s of webmasters and bloggers so I have a great understanding about what they’re looking for.

Rest assured that your guest post will be written by native english speakers, normally college graduates. The posts will definitely be high quality with high quality images.

Do you accept ALL niches and keywords?

There are a few types of anchors that I can’t work with effectively. I have no issue with anything specific, but some niches are harder to work with.

  • Local SEO based keywords (like, dentist Atlanta, plumber in Atlanta) as many bloggers don’t accept these. They sound spammy and don’t fit naturally into a sentence.
  • check Adult, pharma, or otherwise grey niches
  • check Sexual Orientation based niches
  • check Casino / Gambling
  • check Firearm-related niches
  • check Foreign (non-English) keywords

What if the links are removed?

It’s very unusual for that to happen, but there is a 90-day replacement offer. Just send me an email to let me know and I will take care of it.

How long does the process take?

It takes about 4 – 8 weeks to complete. It is a fully a manual process, and I literally send each one of the emails. Each campaign requires 100 emails at a minimum, sometimes many more.

It also takes some time to get on the editorial calendar for a real blog. When you think about a successful blog, you can imagine that the blogger plans ahead and has blog posts ready to go. We have to work with their schedule and that takes time.

Why is this so expensive? I can get “guest posts” for much cheaper from so-and-so guest posting…

Real white-hat guest posting takes time and effort. You have to build relationships with bloggers and make a solid pitch. Then, you have to deliver a high quality guest post.

If you see “guest posting” services that are cheap, then you are normally dealing with a blog network. Those are risky links and could be putting your site or your client’s site at risk.

Can I see samples of guest posts? I am afraid that you will publish low quality content – I’ve been burned before by cheap SEOs.

I can’t share client campaigns for privacy and security reasons.

Are you just posting on some Blog Network? I see that all the time…

No, this is not a blog network.

I literally look up blogs that allow guest posting and send them an email. Then, I hire a writer to write 500 – 1,000 words depending on the blog’s guest posting guidelines. I even include images and everything.


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