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If you or your clients could benefit from getting more organic traffic, customers, or clients  (without paying for shady, spammy backlinks), then check out this Done-For-You Guest Posting opportunity.

The best time to build links was 10 years ago. The second best time is today.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a way for you to get strong and natural backlinks to your websites. The key is that this form of outreach is safe for Google rankings – it is considered White Hat Outreach – and guest posting is endorsed by the biggest names in SEO (like backlinko and quicksprout).

High Authority

The guest posts are on websites with a Domain Authority over 20. Higher Domain Authority sites are available too. (You can select a DA10+ package if that’s what you need.)

Highly Relevant

“Relevancy is the new Page Rank.” These guest post will appear on real blogs in a related & relevant niche with traffic. These are authentic guest posts.

In Context Links

These guest posts have contextual backlinks. That means the links are within the content of the article. These are far more valuable than “byline” links.

Fast to Implement

I use systems and standard operating procedures to contact the right kind of prospects for guest posting.

Turn-Key Solution

I handle the entire process. You need to provide the target keyword(s) and URL(s), then I handle the rest.

Get Backlinks Fast

When you are getting real, authentic guest posts, you can obtain backlinks safely at a fast link velocity.

Get Started Today

I’m not offering any services at this time because I’m too busy working on my own sites. Honestly, offering services like guest posting isn’t my focus right now.

I recommend The HOTH for your Guest Posting needs. They now offer ORGANIC TRAFFIC based metrics. I’m an affiliate for The HOTH so I get a commission if you sign up using my link.

That means your guest post will be published on a site that gets organic search traffic.

[update April 28, 2019] I’ll be sharing my results from a recent HOTH Guest Posting placement soon.


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