Strategy for Getting Wikipedia Links

Getting Powerful Wikipedia Links



Links from Wikipedia are powerful…

This is much more challenging but it is a free way to get powerful links from Wikipedia. At this point, you should have high quality content and some solid knowledge about your niche even if you were not familiar before you started the project.


Check out all the related pages on Wikipedia and look for gaps in content.  Create an account and wait a day. Try to edit an unrelated page, truly adding value and reference a real authority website or legitimate news site.

Link to Your Site

After that link sticks, try to make an edit to one relevant wikipedia article and link to your site as well as at least one other authority site.  The key is to try not to look suspicious so link to one of your pages that does NOT contain any affiliate links.  You really need to ensure that the page on your site is written in an authoritative or academic manner.

Your links and edits might be rejected and noted as spam.  But, you know, they might not and you’ll have a powerful link from Wikipedia.



Have you been able to get links from Wikipedia? Did the strategy work for you? Do you have other tips to offer?

Some people have been slightly hesitant to try this technique…Others say it’s not possible. If you’re one of those people, please comment below! I want to hear your thoughts on getting links from Wikipedia.

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  • It’s getting tougher these days to get the links from Wikipedia. The moderators are even tougher about linking to websites in the references. That makes the links even more valuable.

  • Roberto

    I got 2 links from wikipedia 10 or so days ago. The articles were edited further by others, but my links are still there 🙂 They still have to get crawled and do not result on popular backlinks checker… I still do not know if they’re worth it but I heard that they’re powerful, even if nofollow. And surprisingly, they also bring you some good traffic… even if your link is deep in the references!

    • Hey Roberto! That’s great. I’m glad to hear your links are sticking so far.

      It is definitely okay if they are nofollow. They are still helpful…I need to try to get some more too!

  • Hey Doug! Amazing, who would have thought about this tactic… Anyway, I just want to be clear of the process before I give it my best shot. So I’ve just created my account. Now I wait a day, then I go look for any unrelated article and make an edit or two, referencing an authority site. If that link sticks, then I go look for articles related to my niche and make an edit or two, referencing my own site. Do I have it right? Man this is exciting…my ranking on my site is steadily starting to climb and the best part is that I hardly have any links, except for a few nofollow ones. I am waiting for the links I built during the last week or so to get “indexed” if I may call it that, so we’ll see what happens.

    • Yes, Ruan, exactly.

      It is very exciting. Make a few edits even…then go for your niche.

      Some moderators are tougher than others but when the links stick…it’s remarkable.

      Good luck!

  • Dr.Jack A

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE! A brilliant method I will use!

  • Another thing you can try is looking for broken links/citations and linking to your site to fix it. Obviously you’d have to add a relevant page on your site first.

    • That’s the Missing link tactic and I’ve tried that one but was unable, so far, to glean any links. I got a lot of thank you for the info emails but no bites. 🙂

  • Great quick and powerful idea/tips, Doug. Thanks for bringing this to all our attention!

    Is editing a page and getting the edit to moderation a straightforward process within Wikkipedia?

    Will be trying this out soon.

    • Hey Keith, thanks for reading!

      It is straight forward – very easy. The harder part is getting the links to stick without a moderator rejecting them as spam.

  • This is the best way to drive traffic to our website, but it is hard to do. I did many times but fail. Is there any way easier?

  • Blair

    Dear Doug would you allow me to post a link of someone I used before for getting a Wikipedia backlink that I brought around 3 months ago and it still lasting without any problems?

  • OMG… I just insert my link on Wikipedia just now!
    Thank you for this great tactic, Doug.
    I hope my link is not noted as spam, I will come back later to update my progress.

  • I had one site with plenty of grabbed from google cartoon pics and generated content (i bought it). And when i examined traffic and links i noticed picture in the article with a link to my site!! It was great! To post pics to wiki is an another opportunity.

  • I will definitely try it even though I know it’s going to be TOUGH! There’s no risk in trying though 🙂

    Also, Doug, a question.

    Do you think it’s worth it if I did a really extensive article about a subject on my niche and submit it to wikipedia? I doubt I will find something that’s not been already covered but what if I did that to my LOCAL version of Wikipedia and then linked back to my website which is an English-speaking website and serving the UK market?

    Would that make it seem legit? I can really write some pieces on my language that could benefit the local Wikipedia that’s why I’m thinking about it.

    Also, if I did that, would it matter that the surrounding text is non-English?

    What would you suggest?


    • Bill,
      Honestly, I’m not sure. But it’s worth a try…Great content should stand on its own.

      Good luck!

  • Excellent Tip. Thanks for sharing. I have tried this and it works well.

  • Awesome article, I just joined wikipedia

  • I will definitely try this one, I have read that it is hard but if it works oh boy!

  • Rabbi Hossain

    Dear Doug,

    It’s amazing, and it works very very powerfully for every single content that we want to rank.

  • Nathan

    Hey Doug,

    I managed to get a citation backlink from wikipedia. Its been there for about a week now. How long should I wait to call if official?

    Also noticed that other similar sites to wikipedia are also linking back to me because they scrape wikipedias pages.

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