Amazon Affiliate Site Sold For Over $25,000 – Dom Wells Success Story

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Here is a cool story about an Amazon Affiliate Site. It was sold by Dom Wells (from

Dom-300x225Some time went by and Dom made some improvements. Some big improvements that basically led to a big exit – to the tune of over $25k.

Congratulations to Dom! And, thanks for taking the time to share your inspiring story with the NSP community.

Here are some of the interesting takeaways, plus a little of my commentary:

  • The URL is revealed!
  • The earnings are increasing.
  • The backlinks were of the gray hat variety. (Like the HOTH) That’s super interesting since everyone seems to be talking about white hat link building and guest posting. And, I’m one of the people talking about guest posting all the time!
  • Not just the HOTH, Dom used PBN links. BAM! They still work, and the people that still use PBNs love the fact other people are irrationally scared of Private Blog Networks.
  • Silos, and silo like architecture, are key to get link juice to your money pages.
  • Conversion optimization can lead to HUGE increases in income.
  • And, Dom’s tip to people just starting out in the niche site world. I agree with Dom 100% on this.

Let’s here from Dom…

What site or sites do you want to share today? Is it the same one from your original success story? You can reveal the site if you want, or not…totally up to you.

[Dom tells us and while I don’t link to the site, you can see the domain below. Out of respect for the new owner, I’m putting up this small barrier to keep the domain a little more private…] [wpsharely id=”5664″]The site in question is which was the site I shared previously.[/wpsharely]

How much are you making from the website right? Or, how much did you sell it for?

Trending to do… “about $12,000 with it in 2016”

I can’t tell you the exact price, but I recently sold it for over $25,000.

The site made nearly $10,000 in 2015, and was growing as well.

The new owner will probably do about $12,000 with it in 2016 if all goes well.

If it was the same site from last time, what did you do to grow the site?

It was quite simple really. I bought a couple of Hoth packages, and built PBN links to some of the core pages. I also made a static homepage with links to some core pages as well. Not quite a “Silo”, but still set up so link juice would flow from the homepage to inner pages. I talked about the link building aspect in this post.

I bought a couple of Hoth packages, and built PBN links

On top of that, I added a lot more content. I got ideas for content by checking out competitors in Semrush and finding some good keywords that I wasn’t ranking for.

Finally, the “game-changer” in terms of making the site grow was when I did some conversion optimization on the key pages, which I talked about here.

I actually got the site from $50 per month to $350 per month OVERNIGHT, after just 1-2 hours work. It was an incredible feeling.

Some people love PBNs, others hate them. Where do you stand on PBNs?

Most people who hate PBN’s, either did them wrong & got penalized, or have never built them, and are just reciting rhetoric

I find that most people who hate PBN’s, either did them wrong and got penalized, or have never built them, and are just reciting rhetoric.

Most people who truly understand them, and know how to use them properly, are for them.

I’m in this camp.

(Don’t know much about private blog networks. Read more about PBNs here…)

Did you use PBNs on your site?


How are you doing link building now? What’s the best use of your time for link building?

I still use PBN’s, the occasional Hoth package, and some other things like a base layer of Web 2.0s and social property links (things like the website section in your Twitter profile).

Guest posting is powerful and I’m all for it, but for some of my niche sites, it’s not worth the effort.

What are the top 3 things that a newbie should focus on to prioritized?

Learn how to link build properly, or who to outsource it to, learn how to create new content, or who to outsource it to, and learn how to track rankings and adjust as necessary.

Then take action on all of the above.

Is there anything that people seem to think is critical that you don’t think is very important?

The only way to succeed is to get started

Perfection. People seem to suffer from paralysis by analysis, and never get started.

The only way to succeed is to get started. An “Ok” site can still make a lot of money if you stick at it.

Reaching for perfection usually leads to failure.

Obviously you can’t throw up a garbage website and build a few weak links to it, but the point is that trying to get everything “just right” before starting is far less important than people seem to think.

Do you have any additional tips or advice for others that would like to replicate your success with their own websites?

Believe that you will succeed, because 99% of people failing is because they are too hung-up on whether or not they will make it.

This is something that people probably don’t even realize that they’re suffering from as well.

Do you have a blog or other place that people can following along with what you are doing?

I own and recently took over too.

Alright, Thanks Dom! A couple things to note. If you buy the Authority Azon Theme, let me know and we can do a quick 15 minute consult session as a bonus. Dom also has a built for you Niche Site Service. You can learn more about it here. Those are affiliate links so I get a commission if you buy the theme or a site.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Thanks for the feature Doug. You asked some great questions and hopefully I did them justice. I’m sure someone will be able to get some value out of this though!


  • Jeff

    Great interview Doug! I found the interview very informative but it seems to miss a big part: how/where exactly did Dom sell the site?

    • Hey Jeff,

      I sold it via I recommend them and if you’re looking to buy or sell.

      • Jeff

        Thankyou. I have read a lot about feinternational and empireflippers – seems like they are both good services but I like that feinternational has higher sales prices and no listing fee! thanks for the tips.

  • Great and no non sense interview Doug.


    Don’t you think you could have stayed with the site little longer to see the true potential of the site(might have given even double the price you sold!)

    • Sure, of course I could have done that, or I could have kept it and earned passive income, but I needed to raise funds to buy another business for a similar price that had almost double the income and a lot more potential, so it made sense to sell.

  • I totally agree with you that the quest for “Perfection” keeps a lot of people from finally making some money online. I’ve found out that it’s really impossible to perfect your site until you get it out there and see how your visitors use it anyways. They always surprise me, and something I though I had perfected often turns out to be useless in the end.

    Perfection isn’t needed, hard work and persistence is.

    • So true, site visitors never behave how they are supposed to! It’s very much a trial and error business.

  • All really good info. Thanks lad !