Earnings Report – May 2014

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Welcome to Niche Site Project! If you haven’t visited here before, thank you for taking some time out of your day to check out the income report for May, 2014.

This month the report is particularly exciting! It includes the income from the recent sale of one of my niche sites.

That also has a pretty big implication for June earnings…and we will talk about that later.

I publish income reports for you. By sharing the failures that I experience and the successes that I celebrate, you can see what is working, what is not working, and what you can do.

family-AZ small

Near the Grand Canyon, AZ

It really wasn’t that long ago when I didn’t even know about WordPress and I’m still quite a novice.

I hope these reports inspire you and make your journey successful. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and avoid the roadblocks that I have encountered.

You will still find some roadblocks on your own, and that’s the only way to get experience. Every roadblock that you find your way around gets you one step closer to success.

So, let’s get to it!

Amazon Screenshots

Let’s look at the earnings of the websites that we are tracking. This month we have 3 sites to analyze.

Main Money Site – Cumulative Lifetime Earnings

Of course, this is the website that we have been watching for a while. (Here and here via Niche Pursuits.) You might recall that this site has taken a dip in earnings.

It’s more like a plunge in earnings…The cumulative earnings still look impressive.


Main Money Site – Cumulative Earnings Since Aug, 2013


Now, you will see that it looks like the site isn’t even making any money (at this scale).


Main Money Site – Cumulative Earnings Since Aug, 2013

It is…but just not like the glory days. It happens…



Main Money Site – Monthly Earnings Since Aug, 2013

Main Money Site – May Only Earnings

Here you can see that the site is still making a little bit of money. It is still converting sales.


Main Money Site – Monthly Earnings May


Second Money Site – Cumulative Lifetime Earnings

So this will be the last big month with earnings for this site since it has been sold. This site has been a solid earner and I hope the new owner has continued success.


Second Money Site – Cumulative Earnings Since Dec, 2013.
(The date in the report is from Aug, 2013 but the site didn’t make a sale until Dec.)



Second Money Site – Cumulative Earnings Since Dec, 2013

We essentially claimed 17 months of future earnings all in May. We were able to get such a high sales multiple by selling with Empire Flippers, who sell sites at a 20 x monthly net income on their marketplace.


Second Money Site – Monthly Earnings May, 2013.
I included the sale proceeds even though the are not directly Amazon Earnings.

Second Money Site – May Only Earnings

The Amazon Affiliate earnings were just for a couple days in early May before the site was fully transitioned to the new owner.


Second Money Site – Monthly Earnings May

Second Money Site – Sold!

The site sold for $10,400 and if you minus the broker fee and listing fee, you end up with a take home profit of $8,858. That’s after the listing fee for Empire Flippers and the broker fee of 15%.

I’m proud to say that is my biggest payday in the niche site arena!

2nd-money-site-earnings-monthly-table-nichesiteproject.com payday

Second Money Site – Cumulative Earnings and Items Sold Since Dec, 2013.

Third Money Site – First Sale

We have a new site that we are tracking now. It’s not much but all sites start out slowly.


Third Money Site – First Sale!

Overall Amazon Earnings (All websites)

I will included the proceeds from selling the site here even though the earnings are not directly from Amazon sales. It’s a record month of earnings!

In addition, the costs were minimal overall. There were some expenses listing with Empire Flippers ($297 for the listing and $1,563 for the broker percentage) but other than that, it was a pretty lean month.


Here is the grand total of all the Amazon related earnings for May 2014.



Here is the grand total of all the Amazon related earnings since last August, 2013.



Cumulative Earnings since last August (2013).

Other Projects

ultimate-PBN-courseI have been focusing on developing and refining a Private Blog Network Course with Lewis Ogden from Cloud Income.

That has taken a tremendous amount of time. All the material had to be written and then we had to shoot the video.

And, all the video editing…That stuff just takes a lot of time.

As a result, I have not been able to focus very much on the newer niche sites that I have started. They have not been completely neglected…

case-study-nichesiteproject-1.com 250My wife has stepped up, errr – she’s been appointed as the content manager. It was a dicey for a week as we transitioned the tasks.

Now, things are stable and she is doing a fantastic job…I expected she would do a better job than me, and that is 100% true.

She has primarily been helping to get the case study domains to rank as well as the 3rd niche site that got it’s first earnings.




It was a great month financially. It was awesome!


It is a little scary though. I don’t have any sites ranking on the first page right now.

The relatively consistent earnings from Amazon are gone with the sale of Site #2.

That means that June will be a pretty low earning month – probably a very low earning month considering where my sites are ranking right now.

What we can see is that I’ve made almost $24,000 in niche sites in the last year.

Wow! I can’t believe it.

The most powerful thing is that I know I can do it again and better. I see other people that have bought my book and followed the same strategies find success, too.

What did I learn?

I learned that I might have taken on too many projects at one time. It’s a classic mistake.

Once you start seeing opportunities, it is quite easy to get involved in new projects.

It’s like a light comes on and you can see things in a different way. I need that light to go off again so I can focus very hard on 2 or 3 projects. 🙂

It’s all about focus and priorities.

As always, your comments are welcome and very appreciated! Just ask below…


About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Congrats on the record month Doug – you earned it. I have to say, one thing that blows me away with Amazon sites is just how small the commission is. I mean you’ve done all the work of building the site, ranking it, etc and you’re giving away 95% of the revenue to Amazon, who is not even the creator of the product. Not to say $12k is bad, but doesn’t it ever make you think about drop shipping or at least focusing on products with larger commissions? Why not try to connect with the vendors themselves and negotiate a higher payoff – cut out the middleman? Create your own affiliate programs man!

    • This is the main concern many people have with Amazon. But you should consider a couple of things. First, everyone trusts amazon!
      It’s rather easy to make money with amazon as soon as your traffic increases, simply because people will buy something on amazon, maybe not even what you are promoting.

      Another good thing is that it’s been around for 10 years or so, you can trust them and rest assured you’ll get paid at the end of the month.

      I think it’d be much harder to start your own dropshipping business or working with other partners.
      And let alone the fact that if you build and grow a good authority site, you can really make thousands of dollars a month, truly passively… 🙂

      • My idea wouldn’t be to try a dropshipping business from the start, necessarily, but if I had a winner to then see if I can transition it. Absolutely there are benefits to amazon, BUT you are paying away 95% of your revenue to get them.

        Once I had established that I was ranking for these key terms and making sales, I would leverage that to see if I could cut out the middleman. If it doesn’t work out, you still have your site with an amazon earning. If it does, you might be able to take a $1k/month passive site to a $10k-$20k site with some more effort – could definitely be worth the time. It’s more of a way to grow, not necessarily a strategy from the start. Idea here is to think big.

        • This is something I’ve never thought about.

          I think it’s not easy to do, especially in certain niches. But you might as well create an ebook or something else to sell, related to the products you’re ranking for.

          It’s definitely something I’ll think of in the near future. thanks for the heads up!

        • John

          He could also rent it our to direct manufacturers, rent out some really traffic pages or even the entire website. I get your point.

        • Hey John, Yes, targeting manufacturers for some direct advertising would have been pretty smart. A banner or two could have brought in another several hundred dollars per month…potentially.

      • Hey Roberto, People do trust Amazon and the conversion rate prove that.

    • Hey Dave – Thanks for the comment and excellent point, as always.

      I had no clue that things would take off so quickly on that site and frankly, I wasn’t ready to make a bold move like that. It would have been too much for me at the time.

      However, it’s obviously a solid model and people get it to work very well…particularly, when they build a site specifically with that goal of dropshipping in mind.

  • Richard Adams

    I agree with you on the issues of “spreading yourself too thin”. I’m currently running quite a handful of sites covering authority blogs and niche affiliate sites (as well as some Kindle ebooks in the pipeline) and I’m feeling a little “overwhelmed” at the present.

    I’m planning to put most of the sites on autopilot for July and just focus my attention on a couple of my sites. I plan to go hard with content creation and link building to see just how much I can achieve when my efforts are laser targeted.

    • Hey Richard – Right! 🙂 I know what you mean, of course. Check back in with me in July/August.

      I want to hear about how the focus on fewer projects has impacted the results…

  • Well done Doug!

    I actually have a different strategy, rather than building and selling sites straight away, I’m building my own portfolio of Amazon sites first. As soon as l reach my target income, I will start building-selling newer sites.

  • Doug,
    Great job, now the challenge to duplicate your early success. The beauty is you have done it once you can do it again!

    • Hey Scott – Thank you. Yes, that will be the challenge! Believe me, I’m working on it.

      How are your sites doing?

  • Hi Doug,
    You’re 3rd site has almost the same earning as my only niche site. I’m now ranking 13th in Google, I have like 20 to 35 daily visitors but not converting very well. My question is how many visitors should i have to get $40 earnings? or what what ranking you start earning $40 monthly ?

  • Awesome job doug – nice to see the sale of your site and the gains realized. It will only be a matter of time that you’re back on the first page with one of your sites.
    I wholly agree that focus and priorities are what this is all about. You cant stretch yourself too thin or you’ll never get results! I have been focusing on 1 site for 7 months and am starting to see a great return!

    • Hey Jeff – Thanks! I sure hope that site will make a comeback.

      Great job on your site, buddy. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi John, Congrats on your site!

    It’s too hard to say about a specific earnings amount. It depends on the number of items sold and the price of the items.

    With that said, I would guess that you probably need about 75 – 150 visitors per day to hit $40 day. That’s probably a decent guess…

    Once you hit the top 5, then the traffic will skyrocket! It will probably exceed your expectations.

    Hope that helps.

    • John

      Here is my GA stats Doug, still far fro 75 – 150 visitors daily, but im glad its climbing up, but the bounce rate worries me cause my writer was a filipino and she in my opinion is not that of great writer … though we earn $8 from 1 sale of $200 product already, some bulk sales (3 units bought 1 customer ) are from a product price of $14 …

  • Hey Doug,

    This is my first visit on your blog and the thing i saw on the main page really inspired me and that was May 2014 Earnings Article. I’m glad to be here on your blog.

    To be honest, your earnings report really motivated me but when i read that the next month will be a low earning month i got a bit demotivated.

    I have question, can we earn consistently from micro niche projects?

    • Hi Siraj – I’m glad you found the blog!

      You ask How can you earn consistently…?

      Don’t do too many things.

      There is only so much time in the day. I created a PBN course with my friend, Lewis, at Cloud Income. That took up a LOT of time over the last couple months.

      In addition, this blog takes quite a lot of time.

      You can imagine that the efforts for niche sites have a delayed impact on the revenue. That is to say, working hard right now has an impact on the earnings some time in the future. Correspondingly, the down turn in June can be attributed to the efforts in April and May, maybe earlier months too.

      Lastly, it will be a bummer to have the lower earnings reported for June. But it’s totally realistic. It happens to many people to earn money with internet marketing and affiliate sales, particularly when the traffic source is organic traffic from Google.

      What I’m reporting here is real…Some income reports are very good and others aren’t.