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Earnings Report – October 2014

First off, this income report is late.

Technically, I don't have a strict deadline.

I like to have it done the first Monday of the month. We are clearly past the first Monday.

Better late than never. And, at least we're still in the right month. 

Things have been ultra busy though - so the earnings report has taken a back seat for a couple weeks. I'll get to that in a few minutes...

The unfortunate part is that this income report is another "down" month due to the Google "Thin Content" penalties in September.

Even though the earnings are down, there is plenty to share in the October Earnings Report...including how to get:

It's a Black Friday Sale and offer. (It's in the orange box below.)

Why Do I Publish These Reports

I publish these earnings reports each month for you. I share all the earnings from my Amazon Associates niche sites.

I share on the good months and the bad months.

The goal is to show what’s working with niche sites…and more importantly what’s not working. You can learn from my mistakes.

When I got started a little over a year ago, I looked at earnings reports from guys like Pat Flynn – of course, these earnings are a laughable fraction of the Smart Passive Income reports. I hope these candid reports help you see that anyone can get started with niche sites.

I get many questions about the specific details about creating Amazon Sites – If you want to see the full process, check out the Niche Site Project Video Course.

Amazon Earnings and Traffic

If you saw the earnings last month in September, then you can imagine how the earnings will be for October...

Main Money Site — Cumulative Lifetime Earnings

It's been a long run with the Main Money site. Around this time last year, I was blown away with the insane earnings each day. It was really amazing to see all the purchases in the retail season. 

Main Money Site — October Earnings

Unfortunately, you can see in the chart below that this year, we won't be able to watch the daily earnings edge up every day. There is enough traffic going to the site that it might be able to pull in over $50 in November and December but it will be a stretch!

Main Money Site — October Traffic

It's no surprise that the traffic is about 10% of where it was in September - when it was on the edge of recovery.

Other Money Site — October Earnings

I'll keep the update brief on the Niche Site #3 since it has a shorter history. The earnings and traffic mirror the main money site. The October Earnings totalled $0 so I skip the Amazon Earnings Report and Traffic images.

Next Steps To Improve Earnings

​If you are new to these reports, this section is included for continuous improvement. In project management, continuous improvement is a recurring theme. (It's around in several other "management" systems too - like Program Management, Quality Management, etc...)

We always have areas to tweak and adjust. In the ever changing world of SEO & niche sites, we need to adjust quite often. ​

The Current Plan & Progress

Let's quickly review the plan that was introduced last month:

  1. Create one new Amazon Affiliate website.
  2. Migrate all of the content for my various niche sites to the single site.
  3. Use all the same content creation, reviews, & link building techniques as I was.
  4. ​Expect that it will take longer to rank the site for various keywords.

And, that's exactly what we are doing. The progress has been slower than planned.

Currently, I have the domain and hosting set up over at Blue Host - optimized for WordPress.​ It's a great improvement over the standard, shared hosting. (That's an affiliate link for Blue Host...)

The load time is closer to 1 second versus about 6-8 seconds on the shared hosting account. Faster site speed creates a better user experience. If you're looking at specific metrics, then you can normally see the impact in the bounce rate in Google Analytics.

In addition, I've moved over to the Ultimate Azon Theme (Affiliate link - thanks for the support) by Dave Nicosia.​ I've been a "keep it simple" kind-of-guy for themes so normally I use the default WordPress 2012, 2013, or 2014 theme. This theme has moved me over to premium themes.

Ultimate Azon Theme has a ton of features that make it the best modern theme for our kind of Amazon review sites.

A few people asked me if this will be an authority site...

No, not really.

It will be a larger site with over 100 pieces of content just starting out. However, it won't be an "authority site" in the same way that Authority Hacker or Niche Pursuits are creating.​ It will just be a very large affiliate site. 

Why NOT an authority site??​

I still think the best way for people to get started is with a niche site. An authority site takes a LOT of time and effort. The content has to be top notch.

I have a full time job - just like a lot of you out there. ​I can't hire a writer or team of writers to pump out 3,000 words a day. I also don't have time for the manual outreach that is required for an authority site.

A "modest" $200 - $1000+ per month would be a win for me. Sure, I want to have a site that earns more than that, and there is a good chance that it will.

The people building authority sites are aiming for 6 figures a year, or even 6 figures a month! I would love to have a site like that but I am not there yet. 🙂

Creating a modest site and learning the ropes definitely gives you skills you need to create an authority site later on.​

Currently, we're in the migration phase. I hope to have most of the content moved over from the old sites to the new site in the next month or so.​

Yes, we need to make sure that we don't create any issues with duplicate content. All we need to do is deindex the old domains in Google Webmaster Tools.

Niche Site Starter Kit - Black Friday (weekend) Sale

This is a huge discount on several items you can use to start your own niche site. 

But the kicker is the bonuses that I'm offering.

No other affiliates will be able to touch extra value of this offer.​

Here is the deal...

  • If you order any 1 of the items below, then you get access to the Niche Site Project Video Course - a $27 value.
  • If you order any 2 of the items, you get the Niche Site Project Management Book & the NSP Video Course - an $84 value.
  • If you order all 3 of the items, then you get the Niche Site Project Management Book, Plus the Gantter option, & the NSP Video Course - That's a $144 Value.
  • If you order all 3 of the items and you get any hosting package from Blue Host, then you get a 60 minute coaching session with me, Niche Site Project Management Book, Plus the Gantter option, & the NSP Video Course - That's a $341 Value.

** You do need to use my affiliate links to make the purchase. I get a commission if you purchase through my affiliate links but it won't cost you any extra.

To claim your bonuses, just send me the email confirmations from each of the products your order. I will need to verify the orders with the affiliate management companies so it may take a couple days to process.​

Here is a demo of me using Easy Azon, the Ultimate Azon Theme, and Long Tail Pro.

My buddy Spencer, of Niche Pursuits, pinged me last week on Skype to let me know about the 50% off discount for Long Tail Pro from November 28th - 30th.

It will only be $47 and it normally retails for $97. Spencer doesn't offer discounts for Long Tail Pro often.

I have to credit Spencer with giving me the idea to offer these bonuses over the Black Friday Weekend. It occurred to me that this is the perfect "bundle" of niche site products!​

Dave Nicosia released his Ultimate Azon Theme a few weeks back. It is fantastic so far.

It's great out of the box without fussing around with confusing options.

The theme is also optimized for Amazon Reviews. I can't do it justice so be sure to check out all the features here.​

The Ultimate Azon theme is discounted until November 30th too! It is only $39 right now. That price will go up on December 1st to $69. ​

One key thing that Dave did was to ensure his theme was 100% compatible with Easy Azon...​

I've been using Easy Azon since last year. It makes adding Amazon links super easy using WordPress.

Easy Azon also has a great call-to-action​ option that stands apart from the normal Amazon boxes. Click here to learn more about the Easy Azon features.

Other Projects

The Mastery – A Community for Entrepreneurs

Lewis Ogden of Cloud Income, Dave Schneider of Self Made Businessman, and I launched The Mastery over the last week. It's been very busy for a few weeks as we worked on the website.

The Mastery is a private, online community for entrepreneurs focused on finding mastermind groups. It is by application only and limited to committed entrepreneurs (new and experienced).

We're currently working with our first group of members. Now the real work begins...

We are not accepting anymore applications at this time. But some time next year we will open the doors up again for applications and new members. You can get more information & sign up to be notified here.​

Video Course on Niche Site Project Management

The Niche Site Project Video Course is going well. The course distills the Niche Site Project Book into an easily digestible form. 

I priced the video course very low. In fact, a Beta tester told me he was shocked at the price based on the information included.

That’s a great thing to hear since it means the course delivers a ton of value.

So much value that it totally exceeds expectations.​ As always, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Doug Cunnington, PMP

I show people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. I love creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but not at the same time).

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  • Velin Naydenov November 25, 2014, 12:33 pm Link Reply

    Hey, Doug! Thank you for sharing the income report, I was starting to wonder when you will publish new post to the blog 😉 I’m sorry to see such significant drop in your earnings, hope things will get better really soon!

    • Doug cunnington November 27, 2014, 3:23 pm Link Reply

      Hey Velin – It happens. I’m continuing on as you can see. I still know of lots of people who are doing very well.

  • John November 28, 2014, 6:08 am Link Reply

    nice to see post update Doug… hope youll make it this Nov. and Dec… my site traffic is not doing well too.. its now on 200+ …

  • Dave Nicosia November 28, 2014, 12:14 pm Link Reply

    Great update Doug! And that’s an awesome Black Friday special you put together there.

    Thanks for including my new theme in it! I’d like to point out that making it 100% compatible with the Easy Azon plugin was a high priority for me, because I know so many people already use that and love it.

    Long Tail Pro, Easy Azon, the Ultimate Azon Theme, and your bonuses – now there’s a powerhouse to take your Amazon Niche Site building to the highest level possible!

    Keep up the good work

  • Dave Nicosia November 28, 2014, 1:51 pm Link Reply

    By the way Doug & John, my traffic across my portfolio is also really low these days. I just haven’t had time to work on them and they’ve slowly slipped over the past 5 months. I’m not too concerned though, I’m focusing on the best three to 5, doing website redesigns, planning better content strategies, and ready to make them even better than they were before. 2015 is gonna be a great year … I can already feel it.

    • John November 28, 2014, 4:10 pm Link Reply

      my traffic is like going down going up.. then lately i accidentally clicked theme update, so my customized twentythirteen theme caused another drop in ranking now its 180 … luckily i still made it to $1,190 earnings for this November but there are at least 14 items no shipped yet…

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